U.S. Citizenship & Naturalization

Naturalization is the manner in which a person not born in the United States voluntarily becomes a U.S. citizen. Citizenship is both a privilege and a responsibility. If you are not a U.S. citizen by birth, or you did not acquire or derive U.S. citizenship from your parent(s) automatically after birth, acquiring citizenship is the highest immigration benefit one can receive.

While it applying for naturalization appears to be a straightforward process, one should first determine if they are eligible to apply for citizenship. Sometimes, other issues arise, such as the commission of criminal convictions, requires that one immediately seek a consultation. However, in general, one must have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years and meet all other eligibility requirements. You may also be eligible if you have been a permanent resident for 3 years or more and meet all eligibility requirements to file as a spouse of a U.S. citizen. Still another way to qualify is if you served in the U.S. armed forces and meet all other eligibility requirements. Finally, a child may qualify for naturalization if the parent is a U.S. citizen, the child was born outside the U.S., the child is currently residing outside the U.S., and all other eligibility requirements are met. In sum, citizenship is a lofty but attainable goal that should be carefully monitored by an immigration professional.

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