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Waivers for J Visas Attorney

Waivers for J Visas Attorney - Warren Law Firm

Angela Warren is a San Francisco immigration attorney with over 20 years of experience in obtaining waivers for J Visas. Our track record of success includes, but are not limited to:

  • Non-objection letters for persons who were on J visas but later married to US citizens
  • Government sponsored J-1 Programs
  • Persons who will later be persecuted in their home country

A San Francisco immigration attorney like Angela Warren can be a great advantage for people wishing to get a waiver for their J-1 visa and extend their stay in California or the San Francisco Bay Area.

About J-1 Visas

A J-1 visa is also known as an Exchange Visitors for Foreign Citizens. This classification is authorized for exchange visitors who intend to participate in an approved program for the purpose of teaching, instructing or lecturing, studying, observing, conducting research, consulting, demonstrating special skills, receiving training, or to receive graduate medical education or training.

To qualify for a J Visa, you can be (but are not limited to):

  • Professors or scholars
  • Teachers
  • Research assistants
  • Specialists
  • Students
  • Nannies/Au Pairs
  • Trainees
  • Camp Counselors

Read more about how Warren Law Firm can help you obtain a J-1 visa.

About J-1 Waivers

J-1 Exchange Visitors must return to their home-country once every two years. If an Exchange Visitor is unable to return to his or her home-country, they must obtain a waiver approved by the Department of Homeland Security.

The most frequent types of waivers applied for are:

  • “No objection” statement from visitor’s home country
  • Request from an Interested U.S. Government Agency
  • Claim of persecution in home country
  • Claim of exceptional hardship to a U.S. citizen, permanent resident spouse or child if J-1 visa holder returns to the home country
  • Request from a designated State Health Agency

How to Apply for a J-1 Visa Waiver

Your first step in obtaining a waiver for a J-1 visa, contact Warren Law Firm to schedule a consultation. By preparing your J-1 visa documentation ahead of time, we can make the most of our consultation together.

Although obtaining a Waiver for J visas can be fairly straight-forward, using an experienced immigration attorney can help improve your chances of approval. The J-1 Waiver process can vary in time depending on the circumstances but usually takes between 4 weeks – 4 months.

To take the first steps in obtaining a J-1 visa waiver, contact Warren Law Firm to schedule a consultation.

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Angela D. Warren

With more than 20 years of immigration and business immigration experience, Angela Warren has helped hundreds of individuals, families and businesses.

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