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Individual Visas

Types of Individual Visas

Navigating the complex world of individual visas requires understanding the various categories and their specific requirements. Securing the right visa is a crucial first step whether you want to travel, work, study, or settle in another country.

Here’s a brief overview of several individual visa options available.

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F-1 Visa, M-1 Visa & J-1 Visa (Student Visas)

F-1 Student Visa - Individual Immigration Visas - Warren Law Firm

F-1 Visa

The F-1 Visa is designed for international students attending an academic or English language program at a US college or university. It allows students to stay in the United States for the full duration of their academic program plus 60 days.

M-1 Visa - Individual Immigration Visas - Warren Law Firm

M-1 Visa

The M-1 Visa is intended for vocational or nonacademic students, except for language training. Students on an M-1 visa can remain in the United States for the fixed period of their course plus 30 days, with a maximum stay of one year.

J-1 Visa - Individual Immigration Visas - Warren Law Firm

J-1 Visa

The J-1 visa is for scholars, teachers, and exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange, especially to obtain medical or business training within the U.S. The length of stay varies based on the agreement and ranges from a few weeks to several years.

Angela Warren and her team are experts at obtaining student visas, like F-1, M-1, and J-1 visas, for those who qualify. A San Francisco immigration attorney like Angela Warren can be an excellent advantage for people who want to live and attend school in San Francisco using a student visa.

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B-1 Visa & B-2 Visa (Visitor Visas)

The B-1 visa is also called a “Visitor for Business” visa and is available to those who are involved in commercial or professional business activities in the United States. 

The B-2 visa is also called a “Visitor for Pleasure” (ie Tourist) visa. Any person can apply for a B-2 visa without a U.S. sponsor.

VAWA Visas (Abused Persons)

Available for Women, Men, Children and Parents. This visa allows a battered spouse or psychologically abused child or parent to file an immigrant visa petition under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). VAWA allows certain spouses, children, step-children, and parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents (green card holders) to file a petition for themselves without the abuser’s knowledge to seek safety and independence from the abuser.

T Visas

T Visas are specifically designed for victims of human trafficking, providing them with a way to escape their predicaments and live in the U.S. These visas offer a path to safety and the potential for a fresh start to individuals who have been subjected to severe forms of trafficking, including but not limited to sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Importantly, T Visas also allow eligible family members of the victims to also apply, ensuring that they can seek safety and reunite with their loved ones.

Asylum Visa

The asylum visa protects individuals unable to return to their home country due to fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. It’s a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge from threats and violence in their native countries. Angela Warren and her team meticulously guide clients through the asylum application process, helping them present a compelling case for protection under U.S. law. An asylum visa may provide a critical path to safety and a new beginning for those facing dangerous circumstances in their home countries.

Other Individual Visas

Many other individual visas and green cards are available, such as U visas for certain crime victims, S visas for informants and witnesses, religious visas, and more. We can help you determine which option best fits your situation and guide you through the application process.

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