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H-1B Visas for Persons with Theoretical or Technical Expertise

H-1B Visas for Persons with Theoretical or Technical Expertise

With 20 years of experience obtaining H-1B visas and other H visas, San Francisco immigration attorney Angela Warren works with people from all around the world and find the right visa solution for their needs. The Warren Law Firm is dedicated to global immigration law. We help both U.S. employers and foreign national professionals obtain H-1B visas and other employment visas to legally work in the United States.

Our track record of success includes obtaining H-1B visas for professionals with many types of abilities and advanced degrees, including, but not limited to:

  • Engineers
  • Business management persons
  • Scientists

A San Francisco immigration attorney like Angela Warren can be a great advantage for people who want to obtain an  H-1B visa to live and work in San Francisco, or for San Francisco companies wishing to get an H-1B visa for one of their potential employees.

About the H-1B Visa or other H Work Visas

As one of the most coveted non-immigration visas, U.S. businesses use H-1B visas to employ foreign workers in temporary specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise, such as accountants, architects, computer programmers, engineers, scientists, and teachers.

People who may qualify for an H-1B visa include temporary professionals holding college degrees or years of prior experience.

To qualify for a temporary professional H-1B visa, four basic requirements must be met:

      • There must be a U.S. employer.
      • There must be a college degree.
      • There must be a position that requires that degree.
      • There must be payment of prevailing wage.

The U.S. can only issue a certain number of H-1B visas each year, which was capped at 65,000 in 2016 with another 20,000 for Master’s and advanced degree exemption. This cap is usually reached each year, so your visa application must be accurately completed and efficiently processed.

Besides the H-1B visa, there are other H work visas that may be a better fit for your needs and circumstances:

H-2B Visas

– The H-2B non-agricultural temporary worker program allows U.S. employers to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary non-agricultural jobs. An example of an H-2B visa could be sushi chefs who will teach or train other sushi chefs.

H-3 Visas

– The H-3 non-immigrant visa category is specifically for foreign nationals coming temporarily to the United States for training for a certain period of time. It could include:

      • A trainee to receive training, other than graduate or medical education training, that is not available in the alien’s home country, OR
      • A Special Education Exchange Visitor to participate in training program for children with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.

How to Get an H-1B or other H Visa

To start the process of obtaining an H-1B visa, contact Warren Law Firm to schedule a consultation.  By confirming that you have proof of a sponsoring  employer / employment, college degree and wage, you will make the most of our time.

Although obtaining an H1-B visa or other H visa can be fairly straight-forward, using an experienced immigration attorney can help improve your chances of approval.  The entire H1-B green card process can take three to six months from start to end.

To take the first steps in obtaining an H1-B visa or another H visa, contact Warren Law Firm to schedule a consultation.

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