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Immigrants taking the Oath of Allegiance for USCIS
5“Angela is as good as it gets. I have used her on numerous occasions when I need to consult with an experienced attorney on complex immigration issues. She offers practical solutions and uses a hands-on, tailored approach that yields effective and efficient results for her clients. She is my go-to lawyer for all things immigration related, and if I could give her 6 stars I would!”

5“We used Warren Law Firm to assist us in the process of obtaining a Green Card. From the very beginning Angela and her staff were super friendly, attentive and took great care to listen to all aspects of the case. Once you enlist her help, you have her and her teams knowledge and support 24/7. There was never a time where an email went unanswered, even on the weekend and after hours!! The team here are that committed to their clients.

What my wife and I really enjoyed about going with Angela and her firm was how human she laid out the process. With every step we were reminded that at the other end of each form there was a human being, not a robot or machine. We quickly lost our fears knowing we had such a knowledgeable lawyer on our side.

Her professionalism, deep passion for helping people and families and extensive attention to detail all set her apart from anyone else. If you are looking for someone who you can trust and share this journey with, Warren Law Firm is your answer.”

5“Angela has been our family immigration lawyer for over 10 years. The first time I met her, I was accompanying my aunt for an initial consultation. I remember how anxious, overwhelmed and intimidated my aunt felt about the immigration process in general, having dealt with the agency and other lawyers. I also remember her leaving Angela’s office relieved and with a big smile on her face. Angela was honest, laying out the challenges before her, but informative and inspiring confidence with all the options and solutions. Through the years, the rest of my family and I have been represented by her and consider Angela to be a dear friend of the family.”
5“I would highly recommend the Warren Law Firm. As a same sex, bi-national couple, husband and I were in need of a firm that could help us navigate the immigration system. We found Ms. Warren and her firm to be invaluable to this end. As we moved through the process, from our initial consultation to receiving confirmation of my husband’s permanent resident status, we received excellent support and guidance. If we ever need an immigration firm again, we’ll choose the Warren Law Firm.”
5“Angela has saved my life, in helping me through impossible seeming odds, to get a US residency from which the Citizenship was merely procedural. She has the ability to see the big picture, counsel hysterical clients (my family!-) &establish a strategy which then gets met no matter what comes your way. As a young man of Pakistani origins, I have found my own “story” to be one of the tougher ones of those I’ve heard. I had two great attorneys fail my case in the past, (one had been an INS agent of 20 years, ) and it was only Angela’s soft-skills that enabled my case to reach completion. I recommend her with all my heart, and can state with confidence that it’s rare to come across an attorney with the heart and soul this amazing lady is blessed with. Thanks Angela, love you!”

5“Don’t mess around with your immigration issues. Sure, if you take your car to a bad mechanic and next time you have to get new spark plugs, you’ll get over it. But with immigration, you need to get it right and get it right the first time.

I’ve been around the block in the immigration world and I know enough to know that Angela knows her work. She’s passionate about it, is up to date on the latest of the ever-changing rules and regulations.

Many years ago, we went it alone to get me a work permit (in Holland). After much research and planning and execution, we finally found out … we did something wrong and I got rejected. My company at the time said, more or less, “Oh, that’s too bad. Sorry.” Then I hired an immigration attorney and we did it right and I was granted my work permit. Do I wish I had hired an immigration attorney the first time?

Don’t mess around. Give Angela a call if you take your immigration seriously. She’ll take it seriously and provide you with the best representation possible.”

5“Angela is more than a master of her trade in Immigration Law. She is a deeply caring human being, one who’s values and concern show up in her work. My life has been positively influenced by her work, and because of my incredible experience with her, I shall forever sing her praise.

I showed up on a recommendation over a decade ago, facing a terrible situation that didn’t appear to have a solution. Despite being certain beforehand that I would use another firm, I was won over (as were my parents, who interviewed different firms with me,) by her astute questions and genuine concerns. In that initial consultation, she informed me of a few options that were available to me, which I hadn’t considered because no other attorney had bothered to inform us. Once I started working with her, she directed me in making the most sensible decision that lead to a successful outcome. Not enough can be said about her. She kept demanding re-writes of a statement I had done, because she knew I was capable of giving her stronger arguments. In the end, I was myself surprised at the quality of my submission, and it was all thanks to Mz Warren, EsQ. I cannot stress enough how important it is to include her in your initial consultation round, because if nothing else, you will learn a whole lot about your situation. Good luck!”

5“I’ve known Angela for over 10 years and felt comfortable referring an Extraordinary Alien visa client (O visa/Eb1 visa) to her for a consultation. This gentleman was British, a software executive, and was considering a move to California.”


“Angela Warren isn’t just a smart attorney with stellar results; she actually cares for her clients! She’s kind and compassionate, and that concern genuinely shows through in the pains she takes to help simplify the lives of those fortunate to work with her.

My parents and I chose Angela after interviewing bigger names and *supposedly* more prestigious law firms. Angela was the only genuinely caring human being that we had a connection with, and that connection came back to bless us through a very complicated case, which took years to resolve. Throughout that time, Angela was there for us to count on.

I do not know what I can say to highlight the importance of working with the right attorney, who is an actual expert in their subject matter, and one who has a good heart. Angela will forever be the immigration attorney for all my family and friends.”

5“I can simply say that Warren Law Firm is professionalism at its BEST. Not only did they prepare all the documents fast, they also reviewed everything thoroughly in detail. They took care my immigration case with ease and confidence. I am very satisfied with their work ethics and professionalism. Keep up the great work!”
5“Working at Warren Law Firm was a great experience. Everyone at the office was friendly and helpful and Angela is not only a great supervisor, but a great teacher. It is rare that you find an attorney willing to give her time to train an intern. On a daily basis I had the opportunity to interact with clients. Furthermore, I had plenty of interesting cases to work on and I was able to write motions, liaise with USCIS, and prepare the Immigration applications. I could not have had a better experience and would recommend this internship to anyone interested in immigration law.”

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With more than 20 years of immigration and business immigration experience, Angela Warren has helped hundreds of individuals, families and businesses.

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