AB-20 Would Grant Work Permits to Undocumented Immigrant Farm Workers

AB-20, a California State Assembly bill that would grant work permits to undocumented immigrant farm workers and their families. The laborers, their spouses and children under 18 who are enrolled at an accredited institution would be spared from deportation. In order to qualify, laborers need to be 18 or over, perform a minimum amount of agricultural labor and pay a fee to cover administrative costs.

Many labor unions and companies that rely on immigrant laborers have shown a great deal of support for the bill.

Opponents of the bill say that immigration is a federal issue that states should not meddle with. But since the United States government has been unable to come up with a one size fits all plan, there is nothing stopping California from creating a plan.

AB-20 was introduced to the Assembly floor by Luis Alejo. It has already passed the Assembly floor and is under review by the Senate agricultural committee. If the bill passes the Senate, it will become a law next year.

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