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Asylum Visa, Religious Visa, Criminal Immigration Defense Strategies and Other Individual Visas

Asylum Visa, Religious Visa, Criminal Immigration Defense Strategies and Other Individual Visas

Angela Warren and her team at Warren Law Firm have over 20 years of experience obtaining visas for those who qualify, including asylum, religious, criminal immigration defense and other individual visas. Our track record of success for these types of individual visas include all types of people and circumstances, such as:

  • A Salvadorean Women abused by the gangs
  • A westernized Muslim women
  • A Honduran child fleeing persecution

A San Francisco immigration attorney like Angela Warren can be a great advantage for people wishing to get legal status and live in California or the San Francisco Bay Area.

About Individual Visas

There are many different types of individual visas, some of which have been discussed already:

But there are other individual visas that are less frequently needed but still important in certain cases.

Asylum Status Visa

Asylum is a type of legal relief for people looking for protection because they have suffered persecution or fear they will suffer persecution in their home country. People seek asylum because they have experienced persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Read more.
If you think you may be eligible for asylum, please contact us.

Criminal Defense

Whether you are a foreign national who has committed a crime or you are the victim of a crime, the Warren Law Firm may be able to help you. Please contact us for more information

Religious Visas or R-1 Visas

Available for Temporary Nonimmigrant Religious Workers: Available for people who are coming to the United States temporarily to be employed for at least part time work (an average of at least 20 hours per week) by a non-profit religious organization in the U.S. (or an organization which is affiliated with the religious denomination in the United States) to work as a minister or in a religious vocation or occupation.

To qualify for a temporary Nonimmigrant Religious Workers R-1 Visa from the Department of Labor, you must:

  • Be a foreign national who is a member of a religious denomination having a bona fide non-profit religious organization in the U.S. for least two years immediately preceding the filing of the petition.
  • Have a petition filed by a prospective or existing U.S. employer through the filing of a Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker.
  • Be aware that an R-1 visa cannot be issued at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad without prior approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • Know that, as a foreign national, if you are visa-exempt (e.g. Canadian), you must present an approval of a valid petition at a port of entry.
  • Certain general requirements must be satisfied by the petitioning organization as well as by the religious worker, the beneficiary of the petition.

How to Get an Individual Visa

To start the process of obtaining a visa, contact Warren Law Firm to schedule a consultation. We can help you decide what the best kind of visa is for your needs and circumstances and give you practical advice if you become a client of our office.

Obtaining a visa can be a complicated, difficult and time-consuming process but using an experienced immigration attorney, like Angela Warren, can help improve your chances of approval.

To take the first steps in obtaining a visa, contact Warren Law Firm to schedule a consultation.

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